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Therapy Services in Surrey and Southwest London

The professional therapists at Suite 2 offer in-person and online sessions. We offer a broad range of support with specialists in the areas of stress, anxiety, low mood/depression, loss and grief, eating disorders, body image, trauma, relationship and intimacy, psychosexual issues and sexual compulsion as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

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​When our environment feels threatening, our body alerts us by making us feel anxious. When overwhelmed by anxiety, or experience it often, we are on hyper alert and the resultant fear, panic, and worry can feel unmanageable. Therapy for anxiety works to help regulate the emotional overwhelm and helps us find a new relationship with our body and mind.

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Low mood/depression

Low mood is another way to describe those times when we feel more difficult emotions, e.g., sadness, fatigue, worry. Depression is a clinical term for when our low isn't easy to shift and is having significant negative impacts on our daily life such as work, relationships, and socialising. We might not know what the source of our low mood or depression is, or perhaps we've experienced significantly impactful life events that are contributing to our mood. Understanding our mood and ways we can impact it can help life seem more manageable.

Loss and grief

​Loss comes in many forms, e.g., loss of relationships, identity, life, freedom, etc. We may feel alone and need a place to talk through the loss and grief we feel, and/or to address a situation that feels out of our control.

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​Trauma impacts our nervous system and we feel it in our bodies, notice it in our emotions and how we think, and observe it in our behaviours. We may feel in a constant state of alert, or oppositely, feel completely numb. When the impacts of trauma feel stuck, whether a trauma is from our earliest experiences or more recently in life, working with someone to help understand and release the trauma can help you, your mind, and body get back to a more regulated, calm place.

Relationships and communication

​We are wired to seek love, but it isn't always easy navigating our relationship with love, or relationships with others that we love. Relationship therapy helps create a space to hear and be heard and explore what our needs are.

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Sexual intimacy

​Engaging in sexual intimacy can be a sensual, playful, pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Yet, a number of factors can impact our ability to engage in sexual pleasure, e.g., low mood, trauma, anxiety, questions about our erotic desires and sexuality, our physical body. Working with a psychosexual therapist provides a safe, welcoming place to discuss your concerns and questions.

Sexual compulsion

Sexual compulsion is marked by repetitive, intense sexual behaviours and fantasies that reoccur, and cause significant distress, disruption and impact on the person's life, e.g., relationships, work, legal, financial, social, etc. Working with a specialist in sexual compulsion can help address the distress, and let you explore what is sexually satisfying for you.

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Drug and alcohol addiction

​Chemical addictions are characterised by their compulsive, repetitive use despite negative consequences to our lives, relationships, finances, etc. Tolerance to the addiction and withdrawal can occur. We may have a mental dependency on the chemical substance, and in some cases, our bodies become chemically dependent upon them as well.

Eating disorders and body image

Eating disorders involve complex relationships with food, body image and beliefs about ourselves and our self-esteem. The results can be damaging for both our mental and physical health. We can provide specialist therapeutic support to address these relationships with ourselves and our environment.

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Do you feel like your behaviours are becoming a problem? Want to make a positive change in your life? Therapy could be the answer you seek. Speak to Suite 2 today.

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